Welcome to the Peace Center of Connecticut! 

Peace Lives Here! 

The Peace Center of Connecticut, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit organizaition serving as the central hub for all Peace efforts in Connecticut. All donations are tax exempt. Please make a donation to support efforts for a more Peaceful Connecticut.


The Peace Center of Connecticut Engages in Partnerships to Build Action for Achieving Peace in OUR Communities.


We envision a CT where differences are respected, conflicts are resolved peacefully and violence is not tolerated. The Peace Center will be the force multiplier in the peace community, maximizing the power, effectiveness and efficiency of our member organizations. We strive to be the iconic symbol of peace in the community.


1. All human beings have a right to live in a safe and peaceful environment, free of fear and threats of violence or aggression, and that our current state of "normalized violence" is both destructive to our society and unacceptable;

2. Peace, non-violence, constructive conflict resolution and conditions and behaviors can be taught, modeled, encouraged and developed. Violence and conflict are NOT "natural or inevitable" states of our society;

3. Symbols, physical structures and objects are important signs and reminders in our society of impactful themes and messages;

4. Collective impact and systems thinking is necessary to address the core societal issues - no single approach, perspective or lever is sufficient by itself in our complex society. We need to leverage and coordinate multiple forces to effect change and have a true positive impact;

5. We aim to be an outcomes-driven organization that is evidence-based and will continually measure and improve our programming to maximize our impact.

Peace, World!