Peace Conversations

The Peace Conversation is envisioned as intimate small group sessions for 40-50 people to come together to discuss an aspect of peace and nonviolence to help shape the community awareness work of the Peace Center of Connecticut (PCoC). Each conversation will have a specific topic and bring together people from diverse backgrounds to hear about the topic and to engage in conversation that will lead to community action. This action may be policy recommendations for communities or future peace conversation topics or may lead to a project by interested individuals as part of the PCoC.

 Youth Peace Alliance

The PCoC’s Youth Peace Alliance project meets the agency’s third goal which is to raise public awareness and educate the public regarding methods of achieving a nonviolent and more peaceful community. Under direction of the PCoC President/CEO, a master level intern will assist in establishing the PCoC Youth Peace Alliance. The PCoC Youth Peace Alliance is envisioned as a city-wide coalition of high-school youth who are interested in promoting a peaceful community to help raise awareness among youth and to develop action agenda to promote a more peaceful community.  YPA Application.  To begin, download the application and type your information.  Then save the application with your first name initial and last name (example: bsolivan_YPA App) and email it to

Training and Consultation Services

 The Peace Center of Connecticut (PCoC) provides a variety of professional development and consultative services to schools, agencies, business, communities and government related to peace and nonviolence. The training services range from short two hour presentations to full day or more training sessions, designed to be in-depth skill building sessions.