Peace Center of Connecticut Launch Party with a view

On Thursday October 13, 2016 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm friends, colleagues, supporters and members of the Peace in Connecticut Coalition gathered to learn about the vision of bringing a Peace Center to Hartford Connecticut. Over 30 of you braved the 5:00pm traffic to attend. Thank you.

We even had some folks travel in from New York to join us for this wonderful gathering and unveiling of what will be the beacon of peace in the State of Connecticut.

The evening began with some pick-ups and appetizers and wine to ensure folks had an opportunity to loosen up after a long day of work. Folks were mingling and it was clear very quickly that we were all amongst friends.

The amazing Senator Beth Bye opened up the presentation with words of leadership, support and unity. We all held hands, connected, shared our energy and set the tone for the importance of this occasion.

Up next, the co-host of the evening Mr. Matt Winter shared his reason for committing to The Peace Center. He thanked all who worked so effectively to build on the concept that a Peace Center will have a profound impact on the City of Hartford, the state of Connecticut and eventually the country. He spoke about his vision for a place that fostered ideas and brought to bear research, partnerships, office spaces, a legacy center, resources and training to reduce violence in communities across the State of Connecticut.

Iran Nazario closed the presentation portion of the evening with his story of how the Peace Center idea was born. He spoke about participating in numerous committees, initiatives, programs and teams dedicated to the prevention of violence. The great work he stated was missing something. There just didn't seem to be a place that even when the meetings, discussions and rallies were over that folks could turn to for all things peace.

That is where the Peace Center of Connecticut idea began to grow in the mind of Iran Nazario. What if there could be a symbol that everyone would see and immediately think, "that is where I can turn to practice, teach, learn and connect with Peace". He said, like the Bat signal over Gotham City. When everyone sees that symbol they know someone is coming to help. The Peace Center of Connecticut can be the symbol of Peace, Partnership and Hope for the community.

The guests in attendance had many questions and it really added to the conversation. Iran and Matt answered their questions and even poked fun at one another by deciding who would be Robin for the evening. :)

The evening went on until 9:00pm with guests engaged in lively conversation, sharing business cards and discussing ways they could work together to improve communities across the state.

Thank you Matt Winter and Jane Lehman for hosting the launch party and to the members of the Peace in Connecticut Coalition who formed the committee to work on making this concept a reality.

Thank you to all of you who attended and made the evening special and a smashing success. In the coming days you will notice additional updates on meetings, events, or group photos of the committee hard at work to make sure that this Peace Center achieves it's mission.

In Peace.