Ground Floor Looking Up

Usually the basement is not something (Unless Finished) that we are proud to show. In this case, thanks to CIL it has taken the form of a space full of pride and now of new energy. As usual the team had a lot of energy and we immediately began to dig in to just how we could move the agenda forward and reach our goal.

The Peace in Connecticut Coalition met in the brand new office space of the Peace Center. Located on Charter Oak Avenue in the beautiful CIL building, the space includes meeting space, working space, and a wonderful suite of office resources to help the Peace Center move forward in a polished and professional way.

A new opportunity has presented itself for the Peace Center thanks to Leadership Greater Hartford. In an effort to provide support to the Peace Center of Connecticut Leadership Greater Harford will be proposing that a group of professionals in their upcoming Quest Leadership program dedicate itself to providing support to our planning committee.

So, what is a Peace Center without a symbol? We are excited to announce there is no need to worry, our youth will answer that question. In the coming weeks we will begin to flush out the details for a logo contest where youth from across Greater Hartford will have an opportunity to submit what they imagine a symbol of peace is. We look forward to their creativity.

While all of this energy and enthusiasm to complete the logo search continues the committee will be identifying sub – committees to focus on the following areas; Marketing, Communications, Audit and Finance & Facilities Management. We are thankful for your contribution to achieving our goal. If you have strengths in any of these focus areas we welcome you in helping to engineer this mission.

Finally, we could not leave you in too much suspense, so we are including a photo of the space provided. We look forward to continuing to build together.

Letters to members of the Peace in Connecticut Coalition to reconnect and invite you to take an active role in the development of this very critical Peace Center will be going out soon. We look forward to hearing from you.