Meet Our Second 2018 Peace Hero!

Greetings Fellow Peace Allies, Colleagues, Friends and Supporters. It gives us great pride to announce the 2nd of our 2018 Peace Heroes.

On International Women's Day we take great pride in introducing you to a woman who's kind gesture in her community of East Hartford, CT has allowed for many to search for Peace, reflect on how they can bring more Peace to the world/community and to share their desires for Peace.

We introduce you to Ms. Pat Niesyn This Heroine's act of kindness and selflessness will be something to emulate for Peace to live.

Please join the Peace Center of Connecticut, Inc. in congratulating Ms. Pat Niesyn on this achievement.

Join us on Thursday April 19, 2018 at the Pond House CafĂ© West Hartford, CT  for a celebration of Peace and to learn more about our 2018 Peace Heroine Ms. Pat Niesyn.

photo by: JCV Freelance Photography LLC

Peace Lives Here.

Pat Photo 2018 2.jpg