Supporting our Hartford CT Community Partners in Peace and Community Building!

Our partners at Corporation for Independent Living (CIL) will be hosting the Leadership Greater Hartford's monthly after hours reception.

This month it will be held at CIL’s latest project, Capewell Lofts, which they have now completed and are excited to show off. 

The Peace Center is very excited to be in attendance to support this great organization.

Tuesday, January 24th from 5:30-7:30pm.  (Please see additional information below.)

 I hope you can join us and feel free to bring a friend!

Capewell Lofts
January 24
5:30-7:30 p.m.
57 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford

Happy New Year 2017!

On behalf of the entire Peace Center of Connecticut Committee and the members of the Board we want to send you our best desires for a Joyous, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2017! Thank you to all of you who contributed to the progress the Peace Center made in 2016 and we look forward working alongside you to make the new year as successful as the last.

Peace is Possible and you are a reason we believe that.

Thank you!


 A message from Iran Nazario and all who make this possible. Peace is Possible! 2017

A message from Iran Nazario and all who make this possible. Peace is Possible! 2017

Ground Floor Looking Up

Usually the basement is not something (Unless Finished) that we are proud to show. In this case, thanks to CIL it has taken the form of a space full of pride and now of new energy. As usual the team had a lot of energy and we immediately began to dig in to just how we could move the agenda forward and reach our goal.

The Peace in Connecticut Coalition met in the brand new office space of the Peace Center. Located on Charter Oak Avenue in the beautiful CIL building, the space includes meeting space, working space, and a wonderful suite of office resources to help the Peace Center move forward in a polished and professional way.

A new opportunity has presented itself for the Peace Center thanks to Leadership Greater Hartford. In an effort to provide support to the Peace Center of Connecticut Leadership Greater Harford will be proposing that a group of professionals in their upcoming Quest Leadership program dedicate itself to providing support to our planning committee.

So, what is a Peace Center without a symbol? We are excited to announce there is no need to worry, our youth will answer that question. In the coming weeks we will begin to flush out the details for a logo contest where youth from across Greater Hartford will have an opportunity to submit what they imagine a symbol of peace is. We look forward to their creativity.

While all of this energy and enthusiasm to complete the logo search continues the committee will be identifying sub – committees to focus on the following areas; Marketing, Communications, Audit and Finance & Facilities Management. We are thankful for your contribution to achieving our goal. If you have strengths in any of these focus areas we welcome you in helping to engineer this mission.

Finally, we could not leave you in too much suspense, so we are including a photo of the space provided. We look forward to continuing to build together.

Letters to members of the Peace in Connecticut Coalition to reconnect and invite you to take an active role in the development of this very critical Peace Center will be going out soon. We look forward to hearing from you.


On a stunningly beautiful fall day in November, the Peace in Connecticut Coalition met to continue the progress towards the grand opening of the Peace Center of Connecticut in 2017.

Greetings to you all from the Peace center Team. We have made great strides towards incorporation of the Peace Center and have, with the assistance of CIL who have provided us with counsel to assist us in the application process, filed for incorporation.

We are excited that the work of the past 8 months is starting to produce some tangible results. This is a milestone we all dreamed of and thanks to your guidance and support it is nearing it's projected outcome.

If one milestone was not enough to bring about excitement this is most certainly the icing on the cake. The Peace Center of Connecticut will have a home. A physical space to allow for planning meetings, sending of correspondence, as well as a community space to gather.

CIL has opened up it's doors at 157 Charter Oak Avenue in Hartford CT and it represents their continued commitment to seeing the development of a Peace Center.

This day also marked the first board meeting.  Although this team has been meeting as an executive committee throughout the process, with the filing of incorporation papers, they have become a board, with the titles and responsibilities that come with that designation. Thank you to our newly official Board of Directors.

Our website has gone public and even made it's way to social media prompting others to call members of the planning committee to congratulate them and stating they are looking forward the opening. Other calls or messages have come in from folks looking to be board members in the future. The excitement continues to build for this physical space.

Many of you who were at the October 13, 2016 Peace Center launch party may have picked up our pamphlet and business cards with our initial logo. Well now we are launching a contest for youth to design the official Peace Center of Connecticut logo. This is our way of connecting with the young people of Hartford CT and to bring them in tothis accomplishment.

In the coming weeks look for updates on our incorporation status, steps to identifying board members, the logo contest, non-profit 501c3 status updates and meetings at the 157 Charter Oak Avenue space.

To inquire about how to get involved please leave us a comment here and contact information where you can be reached. We are excited to keep you informed and thankful for your support.

Peace is Possible!


     Gathered with a purpose

    Gathered with a purpose

    Peace Center of Connecticut Launch Party with a view

    On Thursday October 13, 2016 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm friends, colleagues, supporters and members of the Peace in Connecticut Coalition gathered to learn about the vision of bringing a Peace Center to Hartford Connecticut. Over 30 of you braved the 5:00pm traffic to attend. Thank you.

    We even had some folks travel in from New York to join us for this wonderful gathering and unveiling of what will be the beacon of peace in the State of Connecticut.

    The evening began with some pick-ups and appetizers and wine to ensure folks had an opportunity to loosen up after a long day of work. Folks were mingling and it was clear very quickly that we were all amongst friends.

    The amazing Senator Beth Bye opened up the presentation with words of leadership, support and unity. We all held hands, connected, shared our energy and set the tone for the importance of this occasion.

    Up next, the co-host of the evening Mr. Matt Winter shared his reason for committing to The Peace Center. He thanked all who worked so effectively to build on the concept that a Peace Center will have a profound impact on the City of Hartford, the state of Connecticut and eventually the country. He spoke about his vision for a place that fostered ideas and brought to bear research, partnerships, office spaces, a legacy center, resources and training to reduce violence in communities across the State of Connecticut.

    Iran Nazario closed the presentation portion of the evening with his story of how the Peace Center idea was born. He spoke about participating in numerous committees, initiatives, programs and teams dedicated to the prevention of violence. The great work he stated was missing something. There just didn't seem to be a place that even when the meetings, discussions and rallies were over that folks could turn to for all things peace.

    That is where the Peace Center of Connecticut idea began to grow in the mind of Iran Nazario. What if there could be a symbol that everyone would see and immediately think, "that is where I can turn to practice, teach, learn and connect with Peace". He said, like the Bat signal over Gotham City. When everyone sees that symbol they know someone is coming to help. The Peace Center of Connecticut can be the symbol of Peace, Partnership and Hope for the community.

    The guests in attendance had many questions and it really added to the conversation. Iran and Matt answered their questions and even poked fun at one another by deciding who would be Robin for the evening. :)

    The evening went on until 9:00pm with guests engaged in lively conversation, sharing business cards and discussing ways they could work together to improve communities across the state.

    Thank you Matt Winter and Jane Lehman for hosting the launch party and to the members of the Peace in Connecticut Coalition who formed the committee to work on making this concept a reality.

    Thank you to all of you who attended and made the evening special and a smashing success. In the coming days you will notice additional updates on meetings, events, or group photos of the committee hard at work to make sure that this Peace Center achieves it's mission.

    In Peace.